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Several months ago, I lost my father.  Of course, I didn't really "lose" him in the sense that he was physically mis-placed.  He died.  And in his dying, I had to learn how to translate the physical displacement of his energy into a perception of  the spiritual, mental and emotional placement of his energy. The pain that event catalyzed was emotionally debilitating and only through processing his death as this transference of energy have I been able to find him and his new place in my life.  

My beliefs aside, life after death is a rational progression of the natural scientific order.  The spark of life, sentience, emotion, that which makes us human and humane is energy.  The thought process itself is an electrical current charging through our neural pathways hurdling the synaptic gaps to arrive in the center of the brain that provides function or understanding. The basic tenet of physical science that energy can be neither created nor destroyed lays the groundwork for accepting life after death.  Then the word death becomes something different. The transfer of energy from one form to another, from thought to action, from person to person, from person to nature and even the cessation of physical being displays the characteristics of this concept called living. Life and the Next Part isn't very eloquent so we have Life and After-Life.  What joy to realize Life holds mental, physical and spiritual treasures for us to discover and celebrate that we would have otherwise ignored for the seeming loss of love and loved ones.

My struggle with changing my perspective from a Heaven-is-a-nice-place-to-be-some-day-but-as-long-as-I'm-not-going-to-hell-...meh attitude to an understanding of an after-life that is meaningful led me to the discovery that many people are ill-equipped to handle even small unexpected changes in their daily plans much less catastrophic events that create divergent life paths. In fact, many people don't have daily plans, well-formed goals or a clear direction for where they want to go in life.  These same people wander aimlessly thinking they are too poor to be who they want to be or have a life that is rich and full.  Many others wonder why they are never satisfied or why just when they are at the precipice of success, it is snatched from their grasp.  If they knew, they would desperately want to understand how to know what they want then how to get it.

What follows is a simple model that will change your life.  The model in application as a strategy will lead you through the pain of loss, challenges with school and business and negotiating life. 

Find what you need, learn to apply it in your life, to your circumstance and you will take it with you forever.

Grief and Recovery